Boundary & Linear Features

Boundary & Linear Features -

This habitat includes hedgerows, walls, dry ditches, lines of trees, banks and verges, all traditionally used to mark out boundaries on agricultural land. Each boundary was created to perform a number of functions, among them:

  • defining the limits of land ownership;
  • controlling the movement of livestock;
  • providing a source of plant product (for firewood, fodder, fence posts, tools);
  • reduce soil erosion on farmland.

These boundaries are very important for wildlife and offer places of refuge for birds, bats, mammals, moths and butterflies.

Download the habitat fact sheet to find out more or view specific conservation objectives for the associated UK BAP priority habitat of Kent.

Link: UK BAP Conservation Statement

Associated Species

Birds: song thrush, tree sparrow
Mammals: dormouse, pipistrelle bat

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Associated Action Plan

Ancient and/or Species Rich Hedgerows