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Kent Biodiversity Action Plan Newsletter


The big BARS switchover

The old system will be frozen at midday on Wednesday 14th March. From that point it will no longer be possible to either add new data to the database or edit data already within it. You will still be able to view data held in BARS in the normal way.

Guidance on setting a spatial location in the new system is available here. Other aspects of editing data can be found in the help guides on the BARS website. For entering amounts and units, see the action goals section of the adding and editing actions guidance.

The new BARS system will become live by April 2012. After this you will be able to add and continue to manage your biodiversity action data via the new system. The gap between freezing input into the old system and launch of the new one is to allow the transfer of as much data as possible from the existing database to the new system before it goes live.

For more information contact the BARS team at: info@ukbap-reporting.org.uk

Seals in the Thames Estuary

Kent Mammal Group is working with the Zoological Society of London to survey seals in the Thames Estuary. In 2011 a sea survey was carried out from outer London to Sheppey on both sides of the River and two new seal colonies were identified. In early 2012 members of KWT and ZSL along with the Sea Mammal Research Unit satellite tagged 10 seals, 5 off Southend and 5 off Margate, and data from these animals is currently being collected.

For more information contact Jon Bramley and/or check the Kent Mammal Group website

National Occupational Standards for Horticulture

Over the past six months Lantra has worked with experts from all aspects of the Horticulture sector to identify the skills, knowledge and understanding required for those working in Horticulture.

The revised Standards reflect new techniques and legislation. The Standards are available to view and comment here. They have been grouped into subjects so that you can select areas of particular interest to focus on, for example Horticulture – Heritage and botanic.

Feedback from everyone working or volunteering in horticulture (sports turf, parks and gardens, production horticulture), is key to ensuring that the Standards accurately reflect industry skills, knowledge and understanding. The consultation closes on the 26th February 2012.

Further information can be downloaded from the online forum here.

Tracking Cuckoos into Africa

The 'Red Listed' Cuckoo is one of the UK's fastest declining migrants and, until recently, was one of the migrants we knew least about once it left the UK.

In 2011 BTO attached satellite-tracking devices to five Cuckoos from Norfolk to find out more about the important stop-over sites and wintering destinations. Knowing this information will be vital to fully understand the causes of their declines and inform conservation action.

You can read more about the project and read the Cuckoos' blogs here


Climate Change Risk Assessment

Defra has published the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) which has reviewed the evidence for over 700 potential impacts of climate change in a UK context.

Detailed analysis was undertaken for over 100 of these impacts across 11 key sectors, on the basis of their likelihood, the scale of their potential consequences and the urgency with which action may be needed to address them. The publication will provide the basis for solutions to mitigate and adapt our businesses, towns and cities around five key themes identified in the CCRA Evidence Report: Natural Environment; Buildings & Infrastructure; Health & Wellbeing; Business & Services; and Agriculture & Forestry and describes the policy context in each area. More details can be found here

An initial interpretation of the results and a collection of impacts examples/case studies can be found here.

In response to Defra’s document, KCC’s Climate Change Team has just released a document outlining a review of activities for 2012. You can download a copy here.


National Federation for Biological Recording Conference 2012

'Biodiversity data: in policy and practice?' 19-20 April 2012, Great Hallingbury Manor, Bishops Stortford.

For further information contact John Newbould 01305 837384; email: john.newbould@btinternet.com.

General information on NFBR website. Sir John Lawton will hopefully be guest speaker- a good entomologist of course!

Kent Wildlife Conference

Provisional date Saturday 20th October. Pilkington Building, University of Greenwich, Chatham.

For further information contact John Badmin 01227 752291, or email jbadmin@btinternet.com.

Royal Entomology Society-IEEM meeting

'Techniques for assessing site invertebrate biodiversity and their importance in planning systems'. 10th October 2012, Brogdale, Kent.

Dr Jon Webb, Natural England, will talk about the development of ISIS: a habitat-based invertebrate assemblage system for assessing conservation interest.

For further information contact John Badmin 01227 752291, or email jbadmin@btinternet.com.

Hedgelink- ‘Hedgerow Futures'

Hedgelink’s first International Symposium on Hedgerow Ecology, Conservation and Management to be held at Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, on 3-5 September 2012.

The meeting will address the following themes: Biodiversity, Connectivity, Ecosystem Services, Sustainability, Management, and Relationship with People.

For further information and a booking form is available here or from the conference convenor Prof. John Dover j.w.dover@staffs.ac.uk

Kent Mammal Group/ZSL Conference- Marine Mammals of the SE

This years meeting will be taking place on the 17th November in London. For more details contact Jon Bramley and/or check the Kent Mammal Group website.


Shoresearch is Kent Wildlife Trust’s volunteer scheme to identify and record animals and plants in their habitats on the shore. The aim is to build a baseline of data on the wildlife that occurs on the shores around Kent, to help promote its conservation.

In 2012, Shoresearch will focus on areas that are in the recommended Marine Conservation Zones, helping to build a clearer picture of the diversity in these important areas.

Anyone can attend - more information here.

Kent Biodiversity Partnership- Steering Group Meeting

Our next meeting will be on the 24th of April.

Please send in news, articles or any event details for the next edition by the 16th of March

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