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Kent Biodiversity Action Plan Newsletter

KBP Annual Gathering. Fr 26th of November

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South East Plan Reinstated

The Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has lost a High Court battle over his plans to scrap regional housing targets. His revocation of the Regional Spatial Strategies on 6 July has been ruled unlawful by the High Court, and his decision quashed. He will not appeal the decision. This inidicates that the South East Plan (and indeed all RSSs) are back on the statute books and will remain material considerations (as will the stated intent to remove them) in the planning sector until an appropriate measure (probably the Decentralisation & Localism Bill) is enacted to remove them. This has implications for Core Strategies, etc. But it is a temporary reprieve.

High Court Ruling

IHS Kent Grassland Key

As requested at the last Steering Group Meeting, I'm attaching the Grassland key used by the Kent Habitat Survey team. This is a modified version of a key initially developed by EA's Coastal Habitat Mapping Programme originally intended for floodplain grasslands.
A French translation of the key is available on request.


Impacts of Climate Change on woodlands in the South East

A Research Note published by the Forestry Commission suggests that tree species such as alder and Norway spruce are likely to become less able to grow in the South East with hotter drier summers predicted in the future.

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Funding - Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF)

Brings in new measures to help applicants in tough times. New changes include the minimum financial contribution (‘match funding’) applicants to the main Heritage Grants programme must raise for grant requests over £1m has been reduced from 25% of the total project costs to 10%. Now only 10% of the overall grant will be required from other partners and HLF will be able make up all of the remainder. This will help if a local authority or other local investors are not able to provide sufficient financial support to a project.

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Horse Logging Demonstration - Thursday 18th November – 10am to 3pm



Garden Wildlife in the International Year of Biodiversity on Wednesday 17th November at the RHS Horticultural Halls in London, but PLEASE BOOK NOW if you want to attend!


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