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Kent Biodiversity Action Plan Newsletter


Local Nature Partnership

Following agreement by the Kent Biodiversity Partnership to pursue a Local Nature Partnership (LNP), we are pleased to announce that our bid to Defra for capacity building funding was successful, securing £27k to develop an LNP for the county.

LNPs are a initiative of the recent Natural Environment White Paper, which aim to facilitate the protection and improvement of nature at the local level. A Kent LNP will broaden the vision and membership of the current Kent Biodiversity Partnership by representing a more holistic view of the natural environment and recognising the wider social and economic benefits biodiversity brings.

The development of the LNP is being led by Will Moreno, guided by the KBP Management Working Group. In recognition of the short timeline of the anticipated call for LNP status application (early new year), it has been agreed that work will currently focus on establishing a "skeleton" LNP which secures representation for each of the 18 identified key sectors. Once we have high level buy-in from these sectors, we will then work with their representatives to develop the wider LNP and expand membership. We want to ensure current KBP members that this approach is not to preclude them from the LNP but to establish an initial framework for the new Partnership, which is deliverable within the given timeframe. All KBP members will be invited to join once this framework is established and to contribute to the development of the LNP's vision, targets and action.

At the moment work is concentrating on identifying initial contacts for the LNP and developing promotional material to secure their engagement in the Partnership. If you have any suggestions for partners from the social and economic sectors for the eventual, wider LNP they would be very welcome. We will provide regular updates on the development of the LNP through this Bulletin but if in the meantime you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Will Moreno.

Liz Milne- Chair Management Working Group

Kent Habitat Survey

We have come to the ground surveying season and our 5 surveyors have cover nearly all of the targeted areas. Their progress has been extraordinary with an average of 43 ha covered per day. Data analysis has commenced and we hope to start obtaining some change analysis results in May 2012.

You can view the progress map here

KBP Steering Group Meeting

Please find here the minutes of our last meeting. Feel free to get in touch if you spot any errors or omissions.

As you know we earmarked Friday 2nd of December as meeting date in case we had anything major to report. This meeting has now been postponed until the New Year when we hope to have more items for discussion such as the Target Review, how to take forward the Kent Environment Strategy’s Landscape Scale Project and of course the Local Nature Partnership.


Wildlife Gardening Forum Conference 23rd November

Places are restricted and unfortunately there are only 20 spaces left. Tickets cost £20 pp.

See the programme and if interested contact Steve Head Forum Coordinator wlgf@stephenmhead.com as soon as possible

Woodfuel Pathfinder Event

The next Woodfuel Pathfinder event will be at the Dog & Bear (Lenham) on Thursday November 17th.

This meeting will focus on the forest contractor sector and over 70 businesses have been invited from Kent, Surrey and Sussex. We will explore the evolving market opportunities and provide information on a range of topics including the Forestry Commission’s new Woodfuel Woodland Improvement Grant, grant support for machinery and business development and funding for apprentices.

The aim is to better understand what would help existing contractors develop their businesses to respond to the improving conditions for woodland products.

To book please either reply to Matthew.Morris@kentdowns.org.uk or call 01303 815 171.

E- Bulletins & Guidance Notes

Biodiversity News

The autumn edition of the Biodiversity News produced by the UK Biodiversity Partnership is now available. Follow this link to view it.


The latest edition of the Life Programme newsletter contains several interesting articles on bats as part of the International Year of the Bat.

You can download the bulletin here

UK Forestry Standard Launched

The UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) is the reference standard for sustainable forest management in the UK. The UKFS, supported by its series of Guidelines, outlines the context for forestry in the UK, sets out the approach of the UK governments to sustainable forest management, defines standards and requirements, and provides a basis for regulation and monitoring.

The guidance is available from here

Please send in news, articles or any event details for the next edition by the 8th of December 2011

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